Will someone buy me a,

Monday, October 18, 2010

Panasonic LX5

or a Kate Spade Bow Shopper ( anyone over at the states ? )

Not greedy luh, i'll be more than glad if i see any of the above at my doorstep tomorrow. Wahahaha !!

Anyhow, my one-meal-a-day diet plan haven't been really working out. Lousy metabolism i have here right now, ugh. Used to be able to shed like 3-5kilos in 3 days simply by not eating, accompanied by some running but now ?!?! half a kilo is not even possible ! Haha !

So here's plan B - I'll be incorporating Meiting's daily food diary (which she lost 6 kilos in 29 days with) and some exercise plans (if i ever have the energy to) for better and quicker results.

In short, NO CARBS ! So say goodbye to my favourite Potato Salad from school's level 4 pushcart. But of course, i'm expecting myself to break these rules once in a while. Rules are meant to be broken anyway, heh (:

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