I'm still alive

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hah, i'm not dead guys ! Still pretty much alive.

Last saturday was spent with my favourite girls from school. Lecture in the morning (yes, lecture on a fucking saturday morning), followed by a series of happy events for Jiamin's 22nd celebration - Dinner at Hanabei Odean, and Phuture thereafter.

Anyways, in case you're wondering, the photos looked like i've put on quite some weight aye. YES I DID LOL ! I'm now a fucking 50kilos !! Which is a very sad thing cause i've been eating hell loads and i've totally lost the motivation to lose weight. Thank God my birthday is nearing and i can finally find an excuse to stop procrastinating.

Diet shall start from tomorrow onwards.

Strictly one meal per day Huishan.

Go go go !!

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