Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day Two, 7th August. Longshan Temple (龍山寺) to start off the morning. If you're thinking if it's the temple featured in the recent Taiwanese gangster movie Monga (艋舺), you're damn right.

Next stop was supposedly the Hello Kitty Cafe at Da'An Road, but we ditched the idea after knowing that we had to wait for 2 hours, LOL. And a kind reminder to everyone who wants to pay the cafe a visit, do make a reservation. We went on a Saturday morning, and started queueing even before the cafe was opened, but we (and the rest of the walk in customers) still couldn't get any seats cause we had to wait for 2 hours (per dine in is limited to 2 hours max) for the ones who made reservation to finish dining first. So to prevent any disappointments, do make a reservation by calling their service hotline at (02)2711-1132.

And since we can hardly squeeze into the HelloKitty Cafe, we left for Taipei Zoo. Decided to have our lunch settled somewhere along the Muzha stretch cause there was only fingerfood at the Zoo. How can fingerfood satisfy the pig in me right ?! Walked along the Muzha stretch and we chose Ponderosa Steakhouse cause of its hugggggeeee yummy looking poster but we were duped, LOL.

If you're looking for good western food, then Ponderosa Steakhouse is definitelyyyyy NOT the place to go to. B's medium rare steak was hard like a stone, and my grilled fish was tough like i-dont-know-what. But it's still quite a decent place to have lunch cause it offers extremely delicious spaghetti and nachos off its buffet bar. All you gotta do is to simply order a main dish per person , and you'll be entitled to everything else in the restaurant ! I totally survived on their spaghetti man ! Literally ditched my grilled fish and gobbled plates of the spaghetti, hur hur. The total bill added to 922Ntd (approximately 40Sgd) for two, so yep, quite a decent price for a meal for two.

Onward to the Taipei Zoo ! The weather on Saturday was horrendously hot and even with the shades on, we could hardly keep our eyes open ! I guess that is the reason why i look so tanned after my Taiwan trip. I swear i look like a malay more than a chinese now. There goes all my whitening efforts man.

I remember getting all excited when we entered the Panda House to check out the pandas - Tuantuan and Yuanyuan. I spent hours at the souvenier house and was all grouchy when they didn't have the panda cap in my size. I was never a fan of pandas but i swear i was acting like a total kid in the Panda House. Embarrassing i know, but i don't really care cause nobody knew who i am compared to when i'm in Singapore so it's time to let loooseeeee, LOL. I'm not saying i'm famous or whatnots but there are actually people who recognises me as the lady behind missfayne or even, mytaintedworld (my old blog haha !)

Roamed the zoo till around evening time and we left for some beef noodles because i was whining that my feet hurts and my tumtum's growling. Was recommended and reminded that should i ever go Taipei, i had to pay Chef Hong a visit. The shop is located within Zhong Xiao Dun Hua Station - the underground mall. If i remember correctly, just take the escalator up by a level when you tap out. Theres an arcade right opposite the shop, so it's pretty easy to spot (:

I had the Niu San Bao Mian which consists of stomach & tendons & chunk meat in hong shao broth, and B had Du Dang Yi Mian which is just sliced beef in hong shao broth and i had to say Chef Hong has got the best beef noodle ever. The soup's clear yet taste was thick and strong. The beef (both the sliced and chunked) are so tender and soft that it melts in your mouth. The stomach and tendons are free from the fishy-stale smell/taste. And and, the noodles' really chewy and q-q to the max.

Last stop for the day was Shilin Night Market. Do note that you should alight at Jian Tan Station and NOT Shilin Station yep. When it comes to Shilin NM, the first thing to eat would be Hao Da Da Ji Pai. They have other outlets in places like the Fisherman's Wharf at Danshui too. It's bout double the size of Singapore's Shilin XXL Crispy Chicken at a fraction of its price. Only 50Ntd for a mega fried chicken ! And if you're thirsty, you could try the Jin Ji Ning Meng from the stall beside Hao Da. There's actually two drinks stall (Hao Da's in the middle) but i only patronised the one on the left (when you're facing Hao Da). Over the 8 days stay, i drank Jin Ji Ning Meng almost everyday, so you should know how nice it is luh.

Another must-try when you visit Taipei would of course be their Fermented/ Smelly Tofu. This stall we went to sells really crispy Smelly Tofu. For those who had not tried it before, do try it no matter how bad it smells haha. On the first bite, it felt like its normal tofu but when it comes to the point when you're almost done with the chewing and is about to swallow, out gushes this sewage smelling taste and i would say it actually tastes really yummy. So much so that i'm pretty hooked to it and is still thinking bout it while i blog away :D

The last food we ordered was Shaved Fruit Ice. We actually ate alot more along the way (apart from food, there was a whole stretch of shops ideal for shopping too !) but no photos cause we're either busy eating or hiding from the rain so we didn't have time to shoot every single thing we ate.

Alrights, gotta ciao. My watch reads 0122AM and i'm on afternoon shift tomorrow. G'Night babies ♥

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