Treatment Day Forty-Two

Monday, August 23, 2010

I know i still have day 3 to 8 of my Taiwan trip to blog about but i seriously need more time to collage the massive amount of photos so hang on for awhile more okie ? And i'm logging into wordpress cause it just struck me that i have yet to blog about my treatment with Dr Chan !! It's been like forty-two days (i think) since i first visited Dr Chan but i seriously have no idea if his treatment is working for me.

Ever since i started on Dr Chan's treatment, my complexion went on a mega rollercoaster ride. Ok, my complexion would have been worst if i hadn't. I don't know if it's due to the fact that i'm forgetful and always miss the first dose and popped 2 TetraTabs before i sleep instead of 1 in the morning and 2 in the night or because i've decided to go oppose Dr Chan's no masking rule and went ahead with masking haha.

I actually followed closely to Dr Chan's instructions for the first 2weeks but i could hardly spot any visible changes/ improvements except for the dull lookin' skin. Which very much explains why i went back to masking luh - dull skin = lifeless skin haha ! But whether masking is allowed or not, i'm gonna heck anyway, cause my skin is getting much better with my current "regimen" !! My complexion now may not be as good as how it was but it's definitely better than what it was during the outbreak in my 3th-5th week of treament.

So we shall see how luh. Gonna continue with my current regimen as follows :

Oral : TetraTabs which i'm always forgetting to eat in the morning LOL. My 90 tabs are suppose to last me for a month but today's like the 6th week and i still have half a packet left -.-

Applicable : Mask daily and cleanse with the HGL cleanser Dr Chan prescribed, which i'm loving to the max by the way. Smells great and my face feels really clean and smooth thereafter haha. And that's all, cleanse and mask. No toner no sunblock no makeup no nothing. I'm really hoping for this to work, i just want my old "flawless" skin back ):

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