Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello world !! I’m finally home and i swear i'm trying my very best to update a proper post on my Taiwan trip but my LG ain't really cooperating so please be patient with me alright ? The trip wasn’t full of dirt-cheap shopping like what everyone thinks but it's definitely a tumtum-filling one.

Oh by the way, I’m not gonna post every single thing bout the trip cause i'm really lazy and i need to start working on MissFayne soon. Didn't even take photos of everywhere (everything) we went (did) too. So only highlights alrights ?

Day One, 6th August. Reached the airport at 11ish, checked in (my luggage was only 9kgs!) and shopped around. And it actually slipped our mind that our departure time is 1330 and because we kept thinking that our boarding time is 1330, we had to run after our flight LOL. Anyhoots, boarded the plane just in time and we're on our way to Taipei !! :D

Arrived our destination at 1800 ish and we couldn't take the recommended FreeGo bus cause FreeGo (I don't know for what reasons) had terminated service to Xi Men Ding by 1730 that day. So we took an alternative service bus (which lasted more then the usual 45mins due to massive traffic jam) to Taipei Bus Station and took a cab down to our hotel in Xi Men Ding - Cab fare was fairly cheap, for around 100Ntd ? There are actually tonnes of signages and directions and also lotsa bus services so if youre not in a rush you could actually take your time to ask around and check ourt the prices and all :D

Our first stop is the hotel of course - Rainbow Hotel. We stayed in Rainbow Hotel for all 8 days and i stronglyyyy recommend Rainbow cause of its great location ! It's smacked right in the center of XMD, 5mins walk away from XMD station (exit via exit 6) and also, extremely friendly and helpful hotel staffs ! Definiately worth the 600Sgd paid !

Photo taken from Rainbow Official Site, click here

Cause we arrived XMD at around 1930, we decided to just shop/ walk around the area. We had the famous Ah Zhong Mian Xian (60Ntd for the big bowl, 45Ntd for the small bowl and the brown bowl you see below is big bowl), bought glitter platforms cause i left my flipflops back at home (extremely good deal. 200Ntd), more exploring (okay, more like snacking) around, and ramen (385Ntd) for supper to sum up day one in Taipei.

Alrights, i'll be back again (soon!) for day 2 in Taipei ! Coming soon : Taipei Muzha Zoo !

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