Kill me please

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I feel like dying. I can literally smell trouble. I am getting so-fucking-stressed that i'm going berserk. I had 1 whole week to study for my Management mocks. FYI, my management notes are horrendously thick and wordy and full shit. But because i had been totally worn out for the past 4 papers, i've decided to start Management only on Sunday.

And being a true blue procrastinator, i haven't started on anything, even at this moment, when i'm 23hours and 12minutes away from the paper.

Final verdict?


While i was supposed to be mugging, or at least reading/staring at my notes yesterday, i blew 34 buckeroos away for this really unique piece :D

Pretty aye ? Probably wearing it for B's social night if i can't find any other better choices. But i'm pretty afraid that i might bump into girls wearing the exact same thing cause HVV is really famous and reputable you see. How how how ?!?!?!

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