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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finally cleared 4 outta 5 papers. Mugged my ass out for the mocks but guess what ? For almost every single question at i looked at, i stared blankly at it, and decided to skip and attempt the next question. And this cycle goes on and on, till i reach the last question.

Yea, that's how stupid i am.

I am so screwed.

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But anyway, i've updated MissFayne, like finally !

Click on the image above to enter Collection #36 !

Some of the goodies :D

So what are you waiting for ? Come on in, now !

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Not long ago, i received an email update from this online blogshop managed by this friend of mine. BUT, i realised that the emails were not bcc-ed. So i decided to remind this friend, to remember to bcc in future, and shared my story of spam with him.

I mentioned something like, there was once some shop sent me an email update and similary they forgot to bcc, i received 30 plus spam mails from various shops the very next day. Which meant that some shopowners does lurk around people's mailing list, hoping to steal emails once they forget to bcc. And guess what my friend ask me ? You're not going to spam them right ?

And when i snapped, he added, Just that you said other shops will spam and such.. and i just dont want such things to happen.. Does that give you any rights to doubt my integrity ? NO ! I swear i almost flipped when i saw that line. Do not blame me for the vulgarities. Seriously, i know my little shop MissFayne is no biggie and i'm not earning tonnes of money, but he is my friend and he actually thought that i would steal that 15 email addresses which he forgot to bcc ?

I join the mailing lists of all my friends' shops as a form of support. WITH NO HIDDEN INTENTIONS, AT ALL. Furthermore, he was the one who asked me to join the mailing list.

If you (or girlfriend) happens to read this, do not bother to comment or clarify. This is definitely no misunderstanding, for it is already wrong of you to have that initial thought.

It breaks my heart to say this, but perhaps to you, our 4 years friendship, is not even worth 15 fucking email addresses.

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