Squat Challenge : Have you squat today ?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Everybody !

Today I wanted to share with you a new challenge I am trying out for the month of April. Well, we’ve all heard about it – the Lorna Jane Squat Challenge. I know we are already into the 3rd week of the month, but let's just get started and stay committed for the next 30 days. Starting with 30 squats, and each day we do more and more squats in an effort to tighten the bum and strengthen the legs.

Details of the challenge are in the image below. It looks pretty tough, but think firmer and perkier booty ! I have just completed my 30 squats for today. I did a variation squat though, Goblet Squat with a 2kg dumb bell. So who's with me ? Simply hash tag #mytaintedworldfitnessjourney on Instagram so I can follow you too !

For those who needs help correcting your squat posture, check out the video below,

Apart from working out, eating healthily is also good for the body. It makes you healthier, happier, and all around better about yourself. With the pre-wed shoot coming up, I am more bent on going through this entire fitness/happiness journey. My goal would be to get a toned and lean body and put only good foods into my body. I also aim to drink more water and avoid sugary food and drinks altogether - other than bbt which I will slowly try to quit.
As I try to lead a healthier lifestyle, I will keep you all updated with my fitness entries as well. I would also love if you guys could join me so that we can all motivate each other ! So grab a buddy now and don't forget to hash tag #mytaintedworldfitnessjourney ! Doing this together will make working out and eating healthier a lot easier. We can even share recipes and fitness routines with each other. I am so excited to see how this goes and I am hoping I will obtain what I want come March 2015.

Till then, xoxo

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