Hello Wordpress !

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just because Brenda's been raving how oh-so-wonderful Wordpress is, i'm shifting to wordpress, un-officially (:

I'll be keeping and blogging at mytaintedworld still cause Wordpress doesn't support Javascripts and i still have some kachings with Nuffnang and i can't cash them out as yet (site is running low on hits and adverts you see !) so i'll be blogging on both sides till my balance hits $50 so that i can cash out and leave Blogger for good.

So in the meantime, you guys gotta visit both sites cause i'll be blogging different things in both blogs. I know its very much of a hassle so do me, and yourself a favour by clicking on my ads at mytaintedworld so i can chopchop cash out aye ♥

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