Happy 22nd Mag !

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On 27th Oct 2358hrs, i received an sms from TL saying "Hey, wish Mag happy birthday. Her birthday is on 28th Oct. Cannot spend it with her, so i hope she can receive many wishes." Sweet much ??


And cause i'm an extremely sweet friend, i texted Mag again despite having wished her on fb (1 day in advance somemore !!) "Emperor TL 发圣旨that you must receive many many wishes since he can't spend your birthday with you. So here you go, HAPPY 22ND MAG ! May the emperor and the queen live happily ever after ! And oh, don't be too sad that he can't spend it with you cause you're not alone. My boy can't spend my 21st with me either cause he's in Aussieland Wallaby. Love, Huishan"

Sometimes,  i really think that i'm such an awesome friend, HAHAHA (:

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