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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Collection 45 for MissFayne.Lj is up !! Click here to start shopping :D

It's ironic how MissFayne.Lj gets a reasonable number of comments asking for invoices to be sent, yet the number of customers who paid up are so little and miserable that i can merely count them with just 1 hand. And on top of that, i have a handful of deadbuyers who comments at every single collection that i've launched. Sometimes, i'm really so tempted to just ignore them and delete their comment cause after all those effort in sending them the invoices, they are just gonna mia again like the previous time. But then i thought, what if they really wanted to buy something this time ?

And also, the blogshop seems to be going down. I really wonder how certain new shops can just gain great publicity overnight. Somebody, please enlighten me. Isn't an old shop supposed to be more safe compared to the newly established ones ? Is it the type of apparels that i bring in that is causing the decline ? I've tried all means to make MissFayne.Lj known. I've created FaceBook Fanpage hoping to get a better exposure but after much effort i only have 147 fans (till date) of which 60% constitutes of my own personal friends, heh.

These issues had been taunting me for quite some time. MissFayne.Lj is like a baby to me. It's been with me for so many years and i really can't bear to see it fall just like that. All those hardwork and effort that i've put in, SIGHS.

Now that i've ranted enough, maybe i should count myself lucky that i'm still alive and stop complaining about my life.

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