Shit happens all the time

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's only been few days into the week, and i'm alredy beat shit. The past few days spell nothing but hectic. And to add on to my misery, things ain't going very smoothly for me.


Daddy's down with some chickiepox lookalike thingamajig and he has to abstain from almost every single edible food in the world ! For those who haven't seen my pop before, he's born really really skinny (like urm sugarcane?) and now that he can't eat this, can't eat that, he is losing even more weight ! And and, although this is not contagious, but we've decided to stay home this year cause those lil bumps can't get in contact with water alas sweat.


Remember i mentioned skipping my Management lecture so that i can stay home to rest and pack the parcels ? But nooooo, i lost my entire card holder, and i had to travel all over Singapore just to report loss and get them replaced !


Mark Harris is almost done with the topic for IS/LM and i still am having a major difficulty trying to understand the entire topic. I've been religiously revising on Accounting but i am still stuck at most adjustments.


It will be the Chinese New Year in 5 days' time, and i've only gotten myself a pair of studded sandals, and NOTHING ELSE ! Maybe i'll just make do with the bought-but-yet-to-wear clothes stashed at a corner of my wardrobe.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I've been working very hard. I've been consistently revising and going through the notes taken down during lectures, checking my hotmail for customer's orders and enquiries, packing up all paid items and mail them out immediately on the next day, and also jaga-ing all the minor stuffs at home while Mommy takes care of Dad.

Sigh, where has the play hard gone to ? Didn't i swear to work hard and play hard in 2009 ? Why do shit have to happen and make me end up slogging like a cow ?

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