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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

See this Baby ? It's sucha cute image huh ? Haha (:

It seriously makes me realise how much i really really really wanted to grow old with B. No doubt we often bicker over the smallest things (we even quarelled in front of B4L that day before we caught Red Cliff 2) but everytime i'm thrown into a total disequilibrium, he'll be the first person i'll ever think of, and it's always him who will truly understand and know what words to say to bring me back to equilibrium.

Baby left the camp for his outfield (yes, again) yesterday and will only be back in camp on Friday. And his very very sweet (Haha!) girlfriend is planning to drop some sweet surprises for him when he comes back on Saturday. Any suggestions ? No outdoor activities cause i'm sure he'll be uber zonked and all.

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