Diet week, day 1

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Was scanning my LG Baby when i found out that this poor laptop is down with some Trojan Downloader shit. What's worst is that it could not deleted by my antivirus, neither can i locate it at the folder itself.

But everything's fixed and deleted now. Managed to locate and remove it using Command Prompt. My 3 years of poly studying IT has not been that useless after all. LG Baby is now clean, clean, clean with the capital C !!

i wish i can wear white, yet have those 'tummy'

With that, i proclaim today as Diet week, day 1. And my form of diet is, to go food-less. But being the trueblue itchy-mouth, i still had a wee bit of food, and tonnes of plain water.

Diet Check : Satisfaction level ★★★★☆ !!

And and, rest in peace Ah Meng.

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