You've got my whole world

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Today was spent painting my living room apple green, instead of cuddling up in bed with my love. And other than painting, it's still painting. Okay. I'm really really sorry the awfully boring entries these days. Everything bout my internship is draining the shit outta me. So much so that i've not been meeting up religiously with my boy ):

Ever since the start of my internship, all i've been doing are validations, fst, kpi, and current drain checks. And the worst thing is, their crazy deadlines. Things were fresh and exciting initially, but i dare say that i'm already starting to dread weekdays now. On top of that, i haven't even started on my SIP Report. Yes i know i'm screwed.

BUT, everything will come to an end in bout 3 weeks time (: After that would be report submission and then yours truly will be awaiting graduation !! So please bear with my horribly short and boring entries till then :D

Last but not least, check this out. I'm really amazed at what Photoshop can do. How i wish the person can edit all my photos for me too (:

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