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Saturday, January 5, 2008

2007 is finally over and done with, and in a blink of an eye, it's 6 days into 2008 and still, i can't quite get over how fast the year has come to an end. 2007 is a year that is full of ups and downs, but i know, that 2008 is going to be 1 awesome year (:

my best gift of 2007 : the boyfriend.

I seriously hate how hectic my life is getting. I hate the sight of Yio Chu Kang mrt, i hate the sight of bus 70, i hate the letter M, i hate everything bout my attachment. It's not that i'm being tortured there, but things are getting so busy, yet mundane nowadays. Grrr.

Spot any difference between today's entry and my previous entries ? Yes i'm finally updating, and blogging some sense. This is because, the keyboard of my LG Baby is finally fixed !! Now i can blog without having to CtrlC CtrlV all the time. But everything still needs some getting used to. Cause i got too used to CtrlC-ing when i need to type D, H or G (:

Anyhows, i hate how hectic my stupid life is these days. I am so tied down, this weekend deemed the most hectic, in a pretty negative way.

♥ ♥

Anyhows, did you miss out the previous Glam Rock Princess collection at Happy-Shoppers ? Fret not, cause new items are now up at !! Brought in more glitteratis for you glam rock princesses !! Also not missing out the full opaque stockings !! Stockings are imported from Japan so it's of really good quality and it does not fur easily. Stocks are very limited this time round, so what are you waitin' for ?? Check out Happy-Shoppers newly added collection, The Glam Rock Princess II now !!

♥ ♥

Last but not least, Florathy (Black) is featured on Happy-Shoppers' deal of the day ! Was selling at SGD26, now letting go at only SGD22.50 !! Promotion is only valid from 06Jan - 09Jan. Act fast babes !!

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