Takin’ a breather

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fantastic Four at PlazaSing with Adelin, Phoebe, Joy, Alvin, ZhiXian, Liyao, Eddie, Edwin, Xian De, and Jeffry earlier. Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) just spells cute - made my heart skip a bit everytime he does that stunning wink. In fact, he made me forget the fact that Babylove's in that faraway land name China (:

But why did the silver surfer have to fly past the Great Wall and brings my baby back into my thoughts again ? Heh. I miss you la boyfriend. Come home soon will you ?

Adel, Phoebe, Me, Joy

Usual toilet photos

Jeffry, Edwin, ZhiXian, XianDe, Eddie, Alv, Liyao
& us, girls (:

Joy and Jeffry left after the movie, and it's supper/ chillax session at HongKong Cafe with the rest and Elson. And it's home sweet home for Phoebe and yours truly at near 1 plus, while Adel joined the guys to Clark Quay.

How i wish i can spend every day like this. And not leading the life i am leading now. Coding every single day, trying to meet deadlines, having to juggle between soooo many assignments.

I just want my holiday. My 2 weeks termbreak, is gone just like this. Camping in Mdeas every single day doing endless codings. But, Mister-nice-supervisor Darren made us Tiramisu that day.

Her name is Connie, 6 years old.

Her name is Bianca, 11 years old.

Ok, i know i'm wols, but check out their poweful voices. Britain's got talent, indeed.

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