Summer bum

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And so, the new term was filled with rushing out assignments and binge-ing myself with awfully sinful good food. CMSK proposal and DSCN PP1 was dued on Monday and Tuesday respectively. And my DSCN evaluation was screwed.

This semester seriously spells HELL. Mountain high school work, skinny-jeans tight deadlines. Just those two, is enough to kill.

A translation of what Veracia had said, i sincerely pray, that this semester would fly past like a shooting star/ bullet/ ferrari/ ________ (Fill in the blanks).

Yesterday was lunching at Ajisen with Adel, and Phoebe after school. It's funny how we insisted on having good food to reward ourselves depite screwing up our DSCN evaluation. Visited Sony Gallery to collect information for our Sales tutorial thereafter.


Creepy, but ownage !!

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