Sunday, May 1, 2016

Exactly a week ago, I embarked on a stringent workout regime and that is none other than the Kayla BBG Workout. I have followed Kayla on her Instagram for the longest time and I have always been inspired by how fit she is. I am not expecting myself to end up looking like her but I guess if I work hard enough, I should have some abs or at the very least, lose some fats and tone up abit.

But before everyone starts slamming me for being a bad influence, I just want to clarify that by my standard and frame, 54kg is considered quite massive and my tummy is indeed at my biggest. The weight may be a norm for many, and there will be people who are heavier than 54 kg and they are healthy. But no, that is not the case for me.

So here are some hideous photos to share before I continue. It took me a lot of courage and many days of hesitation before I finally decide to share:

That blob of fats you see there is not my boobs. My boobs are way smaller than that. Neither am I force squeezing the fats out of nowhere. All I did was sit down. I have somehow developed a humongous blob between my tummy and my boobs. I have always heard about the 3 layered fats but THIS, to be honest, I was not expecting it at all.

When it comes to weight loss, I have always opted for the easier way out. Extreme dieting. Back then when I was much younger, I could go on for days without food, plus at least an hour of jogging every day. And true enough, my weight dropped like crazy but I was not lean nor toned. I do not look fit at all. I just look unhealthily skinny.

As I grow older, as much as I want to lose some weight, I realised I can no longer lose as much weight with the same amount of effort. And gradually I became lazy and I grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger. The scariest part about weight gain is how quickly it all happens. I was pretty much oblivious and thought that I am getting married and Oppa would love me no matter what. I let myself go entirely and thought that it would be okay still because Oppa loves me unconditionally anyway. And true enough, I had fallen so deep and so far, that I simply do not care anymore.

But I am not blind and I can see that I am getting bigger with every passing day. It kicked me so hard in the face, that I was knocked out and in denial for the longest time. I just did not bother anymore. I would always say Nope I cannot eat this, cannot eat that, because I am on diet but late at night, I would be pigging out on a packet of chips, or a cuppa instant noodles. I thought that I was still okay and I did not realise I was actually disgustingly unhealthy.

I wish I had someone else to blame for my weight gain. But all of these, I had brought upon myself. This is all due to my laziness, my greediness, and my unwillingness to do anything to change the situation when it was much less serious. People say that you will be truly motivated when you are getting married. But I was wrong. Even when the wedding was nearing, I still lacked of will and determination to workout or watch my diet. All I did was to eat, eat and eat more.

See that bulging tummy. No wonder people are claiming that my marriage is a shot-gun one. We have been dating for almost nine years, and getting married at 27 is not THAT YOUNG too, so why the assumption ? We are coming to 5 months after my wedding and should I really was pregnant then, the bump should be pretty obvious by now so NO I AM NOT PREGNANT.

All negativity aside, it was a torturous week doing the BBG. Especially when I have extremely weak arms and abs. I do not know if I have the strength to go on and complete the full 12 weeks regime but I will try to stick through.

Here is my pictorial progress. Ok there is not much of a progress since it is just a week since I started. But I am hoping to see some improvements in the waistline or thighs come week 2 or 3.

I know my posture is practically all wrong in week one's workout. I have extremely weak arms and abs so everything is just so difficult and unpleasing to the eyes. It was a huge struggle. But I will try again next time, and hopefully with a less angst husband and my new tripod, I will be able to film better videos so I can see what I am doing and improve my posture.

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