Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I am sipping on my final juice while typing out this entry. I have never been more than timely when it comes to updating this blog. Whatever happened to blogging once/twice a week man. I clocked like 15 posts in January and then the blog just died come February. Ok that aside, I am gonna be talking abit about my thoughts on the cleanse this time round.

We ordered in bulk together with 3 other colleagues and my division head as they wanted to have a go at juice cleansing. We opted for the one day cleanse cause it was their first time and they are not sure if they will be able to withstand the hunger. For me, surprisingly the hunger didnt really kick in till around 5ish. My team, including my boss was trying to make me eat the chee cheong fun but I was determined and resisted haha.

Then it was meeting after meeting and I missed my Juice4 at 4pm, end up drinking it at 5pm. But all in all, this time round, I felt that my energy level has not dropped much through this 1 day "cleanse". Maybe its cause my body is used to me having cleanse once in awhile. This is like my 5th cleanse in the last 2 years. First 3 cleanses were 3 days program, the last was a 2 day program, and today's just a 1 day fun cleanse.
Thats my 6 juices for you..

So far, Ive tried the following brands..

LuckyYouCleanse - which is by far the tastiest and has the best results in terms of "weight loss", even when I cheated and ate a meal in the 3rd day.

J3 Cleanse - not the best in terms of taste but its bearable.

HIC'juice - tasty but not as filling as I expected it to be.

Beauty Cleanse - It came with some supplements which I think is not the tastiest but same thing, its bearable and I did it for the wedding so I had more determination than ever.

This time round I am trying Daily Juice and I think in terms of taste, I would rank it No.3 but it is definitely very very very filling despite it being more diluted compared to my all time favourite LYC which is no longer around anymore haha.

Disclaimer : I am not paid to do this and I paid every cent for this cleanse.

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