Talk about beauty : Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-ageing Micro Sculpting Cream Review

Sunday, March 3, 2013


There's always this saying that women supposedly start to age at 25. To some even more kiasu kiasee ones, 24. I have always been conscious about my skin and now that I am turning 25 this year, I feel the need to pay extra attention to wrinkles and fine lines so by the time I reach 40, I will not lose out to my then boyfriend/ husband who generally looks more ravishing the older they get.

Before this year, all I ever pay attention to was Whitening. To me, as long as my skin is fair and bright, I feel that it was enough. But as I got older, it gets kind of depressing when you look into your face and you noticed that wrinkles start to appear and pimple scars don't go away that fast anymore. It gets even worst when I get SO many comments from people telling me I look older than my age. It was then I realised that it wasn't enough.

I started consuming Collagen and as much as I like the improvement I see on my skin, I wanted more and I wanted quicker results. I then decided to switch one of my skincare products to something with anti-ageing properties and lucky me, I got sponsored at the right timing !

Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-ageing Micro Sculpting Cream

Of course I had my doubts cause we all had experiences where we spent tonnes of money on big brands yet they won't deliver what they promised. Nonetheless, I still gave the Olay Regenerist Advance Anti-ageing Micro Sculpting Cream and I was totally sold.

The product has a flora scent to it and I was initially worried that the fragrance will cause horrors to my sensitive skin but it has been doing pretty well to be honest. The consistency is really thick but smooth to apply on the skin. Here's a photo of the texture.

Like every other moisturiser,

Step 1: Scoop some onto your fingers

Step 2: Dap

Step 3: Blend

Viola ~ You're good to go !
So, what's my take on this product ? 

Having tried many other anti-ageing cream, this is definitely one for keep. Not only does the Olay Regenerist Advance Anti-ageing Micro Sculpting Cream comes with 20% more anti-ageing ingredients compared to many brands out there, it also has more Amino-peptide and new ingredients such as Olivem and Lyslastine which can boost collagen and make the cream works deeper within our skin.

I would apply this on both day and night each time after I cleanse my face. What amazed me was that given its thick appearance, the cream blends very well and was easily absorbed into the skin. There was zero stickiness can you believe it ! I love how it livens up the skin almost instantly. To be honest, if you're looking for a miracle cream, you'll be pretty damn disappointed. Even though it's named micro sculpting cream, I didn't manage to see any firming effect as of yet but I could see distinct improvements on my laugh lines especially. I am also applying it to my neck cause I already have some visible necklines which I am having trouble filling up.

Just remember, it is never too early to start on Anti-ageing. I would rather be kiasu than be sorry.

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  1. hello huishan. you dont look like 25 at all? you look so young like asif you are 21 or 22 only.