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Saturday, December 29, 2012


We may not know it, but our skin gets exhausted and needs a little energy boost too. That's why it is important to pamper ourselves with a good mask or cream to refresh and rejuvenate our tired skin.

Is there really a secret to beautiful skin ?

Ever since I got back my pimple-free skin, I have never been more hardworking trying to maintain my skin at its tiptop condition. But as all of you know, I've recently got a change in job and with the rising workload and stress, my skin decided to go on strike and breakout like crazy again. To add on to my misery, we have all the year end festivities coming around, all the more I have to take extra care of my skin right ? There’s no better time to look party-ready and picture-perfect. That spells for emergency help. Instead of masking once or twice a week, why not up the ante to masking Monday to Friday with YoursTruly ?

YoursTruly, an online store owned by 6 young entrepreneurs from NYP, aims to source for products that would save our tired skin from our daily affairs. From cleansing foams, to facial masks, eye masks and even hand creams, you name it, they have it. Talk about sheet masks ! I am such a sucker for them I can never stop purchasing them. And count myself lucky ! YoursTruly generously sponsored me the Vitamin C Essence Mask from Etude House.

Essence mask for anti-wrinkled and moisturized skin with Vitamin E and Algae extract.
For those who are still new to sheet mask, here's a how-to for you:

1. Apply sheet mask to cleansed and towel dry face
2. After 15-20 minutes, remove mask and gently tap-massage face for excess essence to be absorbed.
3. There is no need to rinse and you can apply your daily skin care thereafter.

Tip: Don’t waste the remaining essence on the sheet mask. I always massage it onto to your neck or arms or rough skin areas like elbows and feet after removing it from my face.

True enough, after every masking session I can feel that my skin is super rejuvenated and hydrated. So what are you waiting for ?

Happy shopping !

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