Adidas adiPure 360

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I was just checking out my wound from the operation about 1.5 months back and I am really surprised that it has been healing fast and well ! The stitching is melting off and there are no bumps or scarring except for some slight discoloration which frankly speaking, I am not so concern of.

If you had been following me since my operation days, you would remember that I was told by the doctor not to workout for at least half a year and to my horror, I have piling weight really quickly and I have gained back all the weight that I had previously lost prior to the operation. I personally feel that it is definitely time for me to go back on track since the wound is kinda healed and all and I am sure that all of you would agree with me that after resting for a while, it takes a really huge motivation to get your butt moving again.

But thankfully for my case, I managed to catch my motivation rather quickly because lately, SOMEBODY commented right in my face that I am getting meatier and fatter so of course I have to start burning those fats right ?! Come to think of it, what is a workout without a good pair of shoes ? Fear not, Adidas' here to save your and also my day.

Born light. Born flexible. Born to React.
Just by reading the tagline, you know it's damn awesome already.

Furthermore, check out how flexible it can go !!

And the best thing of all ? It comes in lotsa pretty colours !!

My personal favourite has got to be pink or purple. I have never been the kinda girl that fancy anything pink or girlish but I had to admit that I have a secret liking for bright colours as of late. Wanna own a pair of adiPure 360 ? Click on the Adidas advert above this post to check out more on Adidas latest footgear !

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