Angsty much

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm not trying to be a bitch, but srsly, the last thing i ever needed is someone to command/ instruct/ demand me to blog. Look, i spend almost 11 hours of my day at work. And fyi, weekends INCLUSIVE. And i get ONE day off once every 7-12 days.
wake up. report for work. end work. home. sleep.
wake up. report for work. end work. home. sleep.

and the cycle goes on and on

Or you want an entry like the above ? Life is really mundane and not worthy of blogging now. Day offs are spent nua-ing at home, catching shows on Funshion, that's all. If you guys had followed my formspring or blog hard enough, you would know i'm tied up with work cause i've mentioned that many times before. And it shouldn't be hard to follow since i don't update that often. Think, i don't even have time for MissFayne, let alone blog right ? Perhaps you guys can tell me what you want me to blog about and i will do up an entry with regards to your request. Cause frankly speaking, i really don't know what to blog about.

If you're keen on how i'm doing with my diets, then i had to disappoint you cause i've stopped dieting like since damn long ago. I'm fat like a ball. Ball face, ball stomach, ball ass. HAHA. And yes, that's me. At 58kg, just a few days ago. You can laugh if you want. If youre thinking that i'm pushing it out on purpose, fuck you srsly. Who in their right state of mind would lie bout being fat ? I'm just damn awesome at tucking in the stomach.

Anyway, since i'm blogging now, i might as well use this chance to enquire bout some stuffs (: I'm actually planning of joining a gym membership. But because i work almost daily, my best bet is that i will only head down to the gym prolly only once a week, after 9pm or before 10am. Any gym recommendations ? Feel free to pop by my formspring and tell me what you think k ! Whether or not i should join a gym, whether or not you think i am fat, or whatever. Just ask away ! I'll be more than happy to get your answer your questions ♥

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