Treatment Day One

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yesterday marked Day One of my treatment with Dr Chan. Having seen how Dr Chan did magic to Eileen, i've finally plucked up the courage and dug out the time to pay him a visit. Made an appointment with Dr Ong at Maple Clinic a month back but the earliest i could be treated will be September 17 and i swear my skin cannot wait ! Armani Junior's AutumnWinter Collection came in few days ago and i'm pretty sure the fur's gonna act on my skin in no time.

Though i'm not quite convinced by Dr Chan's theory of skin - no to toner, no to facial, no to sunblock, no to blotting, and yes to makeup etc. Was prescribed HGL cleanser and TetraTabs. Hope he could do some magic to my face too so that i can cancel my appointment with Maple, hees. I can forsee my pocket burning with Maple with the inevitable purging and stuff.

Will be taking another photo for comparison in say, three to five days' time when i have the time !! Be my judge aye ! :D

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