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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Qn : how many crunches do you do a day?
My response : used to do minimum 20 a set, and 3 sets a day ? then if i can still tahan, i'll continue. not alot actually :D

Qn : how do u keep your tummy so flat, sit ups?
My response : haha ! i havent been working on my tummy for a looooong time. but i used to do crunches :D
Qn : What make you decide to open a blogshop?
My response : hi there ! haha, i never really thought of why actually. been wanting to something fashion related back in poly but never had the chance to. i guess its just passion :D

Qn : How's your skin routine like? your skin look really flawless
My response : haha oh no i dont have flawless skin ! had a mega outbreak almost exactly a year ago due to sunlight allergy (haha!) and the zits never stopped appearing since then haha.

ill just cleanse and tone, and mask (my beauty diary masks) every night and twice a week ill use my other random masks :D used to do alot more but ive decided to keep the skincare routine to as minimal as possible cause i got lazy. hees.
Qn : are you looking for models for your blogshop? (:
My response : yap i am ! if youre keen, please send in the necessary details to :D

Qn : what's your height and weight?
My response : 162cm and was 51kg but fell ill for a week and its down to 47kg haha !!
Qn : are you the only child?
My response : yap. i'm the only child (:

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