Friday, May 14, 2010

I've been thinking for the whole night and i realised, nothing fantastic (nor worth blogging) happened while i was away for my mugging hiatus. My world simply revolves around macro, micro, soci, msm, school, food, and sleep. So yep here you go, a mini back track (:
22 April : Hello iPhone !

Good ol Nokia E71 died on me one fine day while i was charging it and according to the technicians at Nokia, it's gonna cost at least $200 so i've decided to ditch Nokia and go for either BB or iPhone. I know it's more rational to get a BB since i'm using the touch but, i'm sad to say that i've officially joined the apple family. Been less than a month since i last got it (as a gift hurhur !) and I DROPPED IT onto the road (carpark kinda floor) when it was merely two weeks old. It slipped off my pocket and went down on the bottom corner and face flat down thereafter. And i totally regretted getting hard casing cause there's certain areas that are not protected. So yea, switched to sillicon now but my very fragile phone got chipped and a few scratches here and there. Nonetheless, i'm still loving my phone and hopefully apple could do something to it.
06 May - 13 May : Exam Period

If you've been a faithful follower of mine on twitter, then you should prolly know by now that this year's exam was a major crap. I swear i did study, and i can say i'm alot more hardworking than the previous year but i seriously got no effing idea why everytime i flipped the question booklet over and scan through for i-know-i-can-do questions, i feel like a major pile of shit. Had two freaking papers on the 6th - Macroeconomics and Sociology, another on the 11th and the last paper's on the 13th. When i received the dates from RELC, i knew i had to drop Soci cause i needed to score for Macro so that i could at least have some hope in obtaining a secondupper when i graduate. But ladyluck ain't really on my side so i doubt i could score for Macro and to add on to my misery, my Sociology paper was horrible and i MIGHT have to dabao next year. I could go on and on, whining bout my MSM and Micro paper but i'm not gonna do so cause it'll probably take another 30 minutes and it'll just bore the shit outta you. So i shall shut my gap and till the results are out, enjoy my long awaited and well deserved holidays. Perhaps some miracle will appear and i'll scrap through my Soci and Micro haha !!

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