It's that time of the year again !

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been extremely busy mugging for my on-going prelims since say, mid Feb ? And i've pretty much lost the vibe to blog anymore. Had my Macro paper last Thursday and despite starting early (and i mean really early) i still could not finish all 13 chapters and went into the exam hall when i'm only familiar with 2 chapters (LOL!) But heck, i'm not mugging for the prelims - it's the exams that i need to score for. Rushing's not gonna do my transcript any good :D

Anyway, today's Sunday which means that it's time to hit the books again ! Been planning to rest over the weekends but i got a wee bit busy with MissFayne for the past 3 days so my supposedly rejuvenating days made no improvement to my "health" at all.

& before i go off, happy twenty-third Desmond.


  1. hey shan, jiayou kies! dont forget to get enough rest!! (: a good rest give u memory boost while mugging! (:

  2. hey Mar ! i will ! but too much to cover, hard to rest alot la. LOL :D