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Friday, November 6, 2009

WHOA, I just received a spam email from missfayne.lj, pleading with people to please buy from their site or they will close down. I think competition is too heated, it's hard to make money....

is it..... jus another tactic ? :zipped:
if they come out with more nice babydoll tops... i'm sure to buy!! SIGH

missfayne says, oh no. please dont be mistaken ): we're not pleading you girls to buy, neither is this a tactic to cheat on you girls for sympathy. we're only asking for more people to check out our site, with no obligations to buy at all ! we have never ever spammed before since we started back in 2007. all we needed, is more exposure and want more people to know that MissFayne.Lj existed (:
I don't know leh... but if they have never spammed before, they should be quite genuine? Heh.... the response indeed isn't very good, judging from the 30+ comments only per collection.

missfayne says, indeed. out of these 30plus comments that we have per collection, we have people who commented and mia-ed after receiving invoices. which is pretty pathetic, haha.
I went to missfayne website to see. Looks like they are doing well? Still open backorder. With over 1k of people on their mailing list ... Don't think they need to close down???

missfayne says, we opened backorders in hope that we could recoup some losses. but most of the time, its only 1 or 2 people who joined and paid after receiving the invoice. sad to say, 1k plus people on our mailinglist is a good thing, but not everyone buys from us ): we have people who got us to order in other colours, promising that they will pay us once they get their pay (etc etc) but mia-ed on us eventually. we have alot of bad encounters with dead buyers and we really dont know how to handle them ):
i was looking at missfayne.lj .. i realised their clothes are actually priced at a similar price as other BS, or even slightly higher.. maybe thats why they aren't doing that well?

missfayne says, we used to sell much lower but our supplier confronted us and told us that some other shops complained that we are selling too cheaply and required us to raise the price. its gonna be a long story for me to re-type the whole saga again, but ive once "poured my woes" to those in CC before, so if there happen to have any cotters in the group of podders here, they can vouch for me :D
Oh and the reason why missfayne isn't doing well is because.. well.. they are full of  **** clothes, and with new blogshops popping up everyday with cheaper pricing, hard to sell...

missfayne says, yea very very hard to sell. i dont understand why my suppliers dont "scold" those that sold cheaper than us, but must scold us. haha. we're trying our best to manufacture some designs. but we'll need the capital, and we could only afford 2 designs at the moment, haha (have to keep some money to avoid ourselves from making losses)
missfayne is closing down? i din know leh.. i thought they just clearing stock?

missfayne says, we are hoping we wouldn't. we're trying our best to steer away from hitting the breakeven margin.
Saw 1 podder complaining about missfayne regarding their fake quote your price. Yeah, a few of us went to quote a price for them & They gave us a price, somewhere near their original stated price. I guess they are still trying to make profit! Not trying to clear stock. Oh whatever, not gonna buy from them.

missfayne says, for the quote your own price, we need to at least cover some of our costs. cause we're only slightly breaking even, so if we were to sell at loss, we really will start incurring losses. but for some of our quote your own price, we did release at prices lower than our costs. for customers who gave us quotations that are too low, we will reply them with a lowest lowest price that we could sell and most of our answers ranges from $13-$19 (which is our cost price) we definitely didnt reply with any which is near our original $20+ price. we had customers quoting us $1 and we cant possibly sell them at $1 ? hope this would clear the air a little.
what i have to say : phew. ok, now that ive cleared everything, i feel much better. i dont know if you guys would believe me, but somehow, i feel much better after explaining. i was pretty sad when many had the wrong impression that we're cheating and its only a marketing strategy. i wish i am doing well but frankly speaking, we're not really doing that well as you may think.

as for the quote your own price, we really didnt quote any prices that are near the original prices, im not saying you podders are lying but i guess she meant near to the price which was under our "sales section" before we had "quote your own price" but then, our supplier had requested for us to raise our "sales" price as they had other shops complaining to them.

as for the $1, we really really couldnt let go at $1 cause if we do, we'll end up heading towards losses instead of maintaining or steer away from making losses.

we're thankful for everyone who had viewed our site and tried to help us. we are still on the margin, but we'll definitely try our best to work even harder to steer away from the margin. as long as MissFayne.Lj is not making any losses, we will not close the shop down.

for those who are curious to know what had i sent to create sucha huge saga, here's what i've sent,

dear honeybuns

we sincerely apologise for this spam, but we are really at our wits-end ): promise that this is the one and only time youre receiving this from us (you will not be added to our mailing list unless you requested to :D)

please do not delete this email as yet. do us a lil favor by checking out our site at *inserts site* no obligations to buy at all ! we just hope that MissFayne could be heard. cause if business is still not picking up, we would be closing it down by this year.

if you like our items, do join our mailinglist as all mailing listees are entitled a 5% off nett purchase, or join our facebook page for early bird previews - *inserts site* :D

ps, missfayne is an online journal that has been around for near 2 years, with zero negative feedbacks but business is still not picking up despite the effort that we've put into it. we're just a few steps away from incurring losses officially, sighs! we strongly believe in no spamming in the past but we had recently invested in all our money and launched our manufactured label but the response isn't that well so we are left with no choice but to do this hated-by-all spam once.

love always

sometimes, i really dont know what i should do.

since when did i plead ? didn't i mention no obligations to buy ?

life is tough. school is tough. FML please.

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