I guess it's time i blog proper

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Because i fed myself with junks while mugging for my papers

Because i started looking out for serious thinspirations

Because i have a thing for skinny ciggy legs

Because i could hardly see my waist when i look into the mirror

I made myself go on a crash diet for the past 2 days

24th May 2009 (Sunday)
Breakfast - 1 fuji apple
Dinner - 1 slice of rock melon

I didn't really consume anything yesterday 'cept for 2 sips of icetea (which send shivers down my spine) during Angels & Demons and Hazelnut Latte thereafter (so much for being under a crash diet huh !) I swear i'm all giddy and nua while i'm typing this entry but i believe its all worthwhile.

I weighed myself earlier this morning and i'm officially forty six point five ! 2 days and i'm a kilo and a half down. Please, spare me the preachings that it's just water-loss yada yada, i know all that. All i wanted is for the figure on the scale to deviate away from 48, the scary 105lbs. I promise, 99lbs and i'll stop.

Yesterday saw me in town catching Angels and Demons, followed by chillax at Spins. I think the movie is not that fantabulous especially for those who read the book. And to add on to my misery, it actually got interrupted like 2 or 3 times towards the end so its like i "missed" a few parts at where all the climax are at.

I'll give Angels & Demons ★★★☆☆

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