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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am still alive and kicking :D

Not that i wanna be a whiny bitch, but i'm uber shagged from burying myself in the piles of notes/books/subject guides/examiners reports everyday. Not to forget that i'll need to jaga MissFayne as well. You guys probably are thinking that i do have the choice not to be so hard on myself, but i really do not wanna fail my exams ): I really need a break, but time is running out.

Okay, complaints and books aside, Baby and i had our pre 2-year-versary celebration today. Unlike last year where we cooked for each other, he spent his morning in camp while i was having lessons in school, followed by daily necessities shopping at ToaPayoh, afternoon nap over at his crib, and dinner at Astons@TheCathay. Anyways, for Astons lovers who are staying around my area, do check out Astons Express at Balestier's Tuckshoppe ! I haven't patronised it personally so i can't tell if the standards are on par with the rest of the Astons family but Astons minus the long queue sure sounds like a great idea :D

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