Everyday is saint valentines

Sunday, February 15, 2009

And so, Valentine's saw me bumming around the internet, with the boyfriend sleeping soundly, right beside me, haha. Remember i mentioned that B got into the School of Infantry Specialists (Sispec) after graduating from the Basic Military Training ? He's finally over and done with it, and ended it all with a 28km 30km (due to miscommunication) route march starting from 13th feb 8pm all the way till the next day.

While everyone else is being posted to their various units, B is pended under the cross-over to the Officer Cadet School, interview to be held tomorrow. Quoted off Wikipedia: OCS, Outstanding graduands from Basic Military Training and the School of Infantry Specialists (specialists are non commissioned officer equivalents in the Singapore Armed Forces) are sent to OCS to be trained officers. Not bad ah, my boyfriend is an outstanding graduands, LOL.

And being the sweetest girlfriend ever, i left the boyfriend alone, to sleep, all the way till 8pm before we headed out for dinner. Oh wells, my Valentine's may sound boring, but hey, it's the company that counts no ?

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