I'm so careless, why like that !

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today's Economics test was manageable. But as usual, i screwed up BIG time. I thought opening paragraphs are for the big 25 mark questions, so i did not write any opening paragraphs for my small 8 mark questions. And i did the same for both monopoly and perfect competition. 4 marks for each opening paragraph, which means i just blew EIGHT MARKS away !!

Don't say it's not possible cause i've asked my lecturer and it's confirmed ): And it's not say i don't know how to do or forgot to memorise, but i thought no need to do ! Seriously, I FEEL LIKE DYING !

Hi Hui Shan

Yup.... I've told you all again-and-again to pick up the easy marks. The examiner's reports say "if a student demonstrates familiarity with the
model he or she will get 50%"

Today doesn't matter. But don't forget in May!

Best wishes,
Then there is this Balanced Budget Multiplier question, where i happily liquid the '-M' and forgot to rewrite it back. I don't know how many marks that is gonna cost me, but i feel like a total idiot now. GRRRRR.

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