Would you be there

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Indeed, since the boy had left for China, i lost the vibe to blog, like totally. If you're reading this BabyLove, see what huge impact you have on me (:

Been camping in the MP lab alot these days. Working on ENAD with Adelin and Phoebe till the lab closes and such. We're always doing the silliest and stupidest things in the lab. Dancing to A1's ready or not, laughing at twits, watching Miss Swan - enough happiness for me to not miss Jisheng temporary. They are my happy pills indeed (:

And yes, new song. Ripped off Meiting's blog. And you're right readers, it's the english theme song for the Channel 8 drama, Mars vs Venus.

My daily reads: HERE Where i get to spot photos with BabyLove inside (:

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