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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm back from the stayover at Baby's, since yesterday. My stay at his crib was great, in fact, very very fabulous. We sang KBox, had midnight suppers, played silly games, yada yada. And and, i did a mini facial session for B too !

viola ~

close up. clean clean lae !


passerby: hey! :) just happened to chance upon ur blog and was wondering whtr u did ur blogskin urself? its really nice:) did u get its main template from blogskins from smth and then edit from there? so sorry to bother you!! ): just wanted to create my own blogskin as well...
* Yes i did this skin myself (:

the.mahai: ur bf introduce me this blog lol XD.... come my blog oso hehe hope u can find laughter there
* Yup i will. And why in the world did B intro my blog to you ? Haha !

Lynn: okay thanks! your hair is really nice! (: hehe.
* They kinda loosened abit after the first wash. But somehow, i still like the previous curls before they loosen. LOL. But mummy's saying that i'm imaginating things cause from what she sees, my curls are the same.

joanne: heyyo :) hows life nw? wait, do u rmb who am i first? :B
* Good good ! Of course i remember you la. The only partimer at Kids who makes me really want to go for work.

isha: i tried the skinfood liquid liner and it sucked because it kind of went dry on my eyes and it flaked!! oh will try the revlon liners,they say they dont smudge :D
* Oic. I have slightly oily lids so eyeliners always smudge on me. Shall try the revlon ones :D

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